Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Started the mods!

It doesn't take long for the mod bug to start biting!  I'm resisting at the moment but there are a few no-brainer changes that were required.

Mats from www.ambassadorcarmats.co.uk
First thing was floor mats.  There were none in the car so I had a look in the local Halfords but they wanted £25 for some bog standard black mats!  I found a site who make custom mats and are very reasonably priced.  I designed some nice black mats with turquoise trim to match the car and Primera GT lettering.  I am really pleased with the result and for £35 they are very reasonable.

The next thing was music.  I am quite an audiophile but, again, I want to be careful not to go mad on spending.  In a previous car I had a huge system including twin 15" subs powered by a 1600W amp and high quality amped components all round!  Sounded great but cost over a grand excluding the head unit!
This time, I've just swapped out the standard stereo and front speakers for the JVC KD-AVX33 and Kenwood components as I already had these from a previous car.  It has made a world of difference to the sound quality and I think that with some decent rears and maybe a 12" active sub, that will do.
Of course there is still the planned CarPC based on an Android tablet, but that's also a way off yet.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Here she is!

So, on Wednesday 15th June I jumped on a train to Crewe and picked her up!  Without further ado, here are the pictures:

  • The colour is called Nordic blue (Nissan paint code TT0)
  • The GT exterior spec includes deeper bumpers, side skirts, sporty grilles, spoiler, front fogs and alloy wheels.

  • The car is a 1999 'T' reg.
  • The tow bar is going to have to come off as a priority!
  • The rear bumper is a little scratched and there is a cut out for the tow bar so it might need a bit of work tidy up.

  • The GT interior includes half leather bucket seats, full electrics, air con and sunroof.
  • There are also driver, passenger and rear thorax airbags.

I am really happy with it, it drives like a dream and I love the colour.  I had forgotten just how much fun driving can be but pushing this car to the 7.2k red line through the twisties and listening to the SR20DE roar is indescribable.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The blog is alive

I have recently bought my third Nissan Primera, my second P11 and my first GT!
It is a 1999 'Nordic' blue GT and I am really happy to finally have one. I collect it tomorrow so will do a complete run down on the car tomorrow.
This blog will document my ownership of the car including mods, projects and problems along the way. Currently I plan to keep it standard for a while (yeah right) as money is tight but there are a few things I want to do such as lowering, breathing mods (CAI, stainless exhaust, decat, manifold) and a new CarPC based on an Android tablet.

Thanks for reading and please leave comments as we go along :)